We are investors and landlords ourselves, fully appreciating and understanding the needs of every landlord. We have proven track record of providing a great service to our existing landlords in Bristol where over last 7 years we have been managing a number of properties and 100+ rooms.

Due to this success, we are now expanding in North West London where we are partnering with local landlords, investors and letting agencies to manage their properties over the long term on a guaranteed rent basis.


We are based in Harrow with a nice problem that we have too many potential tenants! As fellow landlords we know exactly what you need in terms of trust, service and financial consistency. With a combined 20 years’ experience in property, we understand the real issues of property management. We are more than happy to provide you excellent references from current Bristol landlords (and happy tenants!) with whom we work.

Some benefits of working with us are:

  • We provide guaranteed rental income every month, which means you will not have to worry about any voids.

  • We do not charge any commission or any fees so the rent we agree is the rent we pay every month. Moreover, there are no hidden costs

  • We manage the entire property with no hassle of tenant enquiries, giving you peace of mind.

  • We look after all maintenance and we send our trusted cleaners (who are our eyes and ears) to your property once a fortnight making sure your property is well looked after.

  • We do regular inspections to ensure the property is well maintained so that your asset is growing in value.


We understand your core business is lettings to families and dealing with house sharers (HMO) is a hassle with little return on your money and time. We specialise in HMO property management and have a stable demand from our corporate clients and local businesses to provide accommodation to their staff. We would like to work with you as partners and will be very much happy to explore any opportunities where we both can provide a great service to your landlords.

Some benefits of working with us are:

  • You will always be in the picture. You will continue to receive the full management fee (if fully managed) or one-off fees (tenant finder) from your landlords.

  • You will have peace of mind with no dealing of tenants, any maintenance issues or chasing up rents.

  • For full management model, we will always be in touch with you and provide inspection reports, if required.

  • The property will be let to professionals, hence the property will be well maintained ensuring a good service to your landlords.

  • We will look after all maintenance issues dealing with local tradesmen.